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A message from the Section President

Welcome to the Victorian Section website. On this page you will find information about our People and Staff, a Help Desk mobile telephone number, Feedback and Suggestion Box via an email address, the latest post Section Council Meeting Task List,  links to the Section's Mission Statement, Vision Statement and Goals, links to Governance documents, and finally links to other sites and information on Commemoration. Please take the time to read the information provided. Should you have suggestions on improving the webpage contact me as the webpage administrator.

There is much to be done during 2023 enabled by the resolutions made at the Victorian Section's Council Meeting and the Annual General Meeting scheduled for 26 March 2023. 2023 will be a year of implementation and progress. 

HMAS CERBERUS is conducting an Open Day on 19 March 2023 showcasing the results of the $500 million dollar development. There is much to see across the training spectrum so I encourage you to visit CERBERUS during the Open Day. Entry is free and the Commanding Officer CERBERUS is expecting 20 000 people to attend. The Victorian Section along with other ESO will attend in the hope of raising our profile with veterans. See you there?

The Victorian Section can receive donations and on the advice of the Australian Taxation Office, the donation can be used by the donor as a tax deduction.

Section Council Meeting 19 November 2022_Amended version 1.03 - Task List Post 19 November 2022.   Last updated 27 Jan 2023.

Latest - Section Draft 19 November 2022 Council Meeting Minutes - Latest. Important Note: The associated Meeting Reading Pack can be provided by your Sub-section Victorian Section Council Delegate.

Section 17 September 2022 Council Meeting Minutes 


Contact list link here

Important reading for Section Office Bearers: Duties Guide to legal duties of Not For Profit (NFP) Committee members, Directors and Office Holders

Australian Charities Not-for-Profit Commission (ACNC) Link to the login page, click here

Victorian Section is headquartered at the Frankston Naval Memorial Club

Secretary:   0419 381 988.     General Mail: Victorian Section Secretary, 7 Clarence Place, Cranbourne East. Vic. 3977

Sub-section Capitation Reports to the Victorian Section, send to: Victorian Section Treasurer, 4 Gayle Court, Clayton South Vic. 3169

Help and Feedback

HELP DESK: 0431 709 105

Feedback Line. (email):

Suggestion Box:

2022/2023 Executive, Council and Annual General Meeting Dates, Times and Venue. View details here

Recognising our Members - Victorian Section Life Member List

 Deliver the best quality services to Victorian ex-navy veterans and generate positive meaningful change. 

Vision:To deliver an optimistic environment, to Victorian Naval Association members and partners, through unwavering support and to inspire current and future Sub-section members through positive change that enriches and contributes to member's health and well-being. 

ACTION PLAN of the Victorian Section
Endorsed Goals - Just <click> on the Link for Details 

POLICIES of the Victorian Section
Victorian Section Regulations - Just <click> on the Link for Details 

STRATEGY of the Victorian Section
Victorian Section Business Plan - Just <click> on the Link for Details 


Our Section Goals are linked to Key Indicators
Key Indicators - Just <click> on the Link to View our key Indicators

PROCEDURE - Process Flow Charts: Vice President; CFO TreasurerFinance Steering Committee; Secretary 

 National Council WHS Management Policy_NAA V1.00

National Council Hazard Risk Assessment Register V1.00

Victorian Section Risk Register (Under Development)

WHS Handy Billy Click to open the file. Use this as a summarised guide to Sub-section WHS.

Enclosure 1 to the WHS Handy Billy Risk Assessment Templates Click here to open the file. Download the file and use the pre filled spreadsheets to create your Sub-section WHS history. Save in your own Sub-section files on completion. Review this file monthly or as required for event planning.


 Finance Budget 


Navy Victoria Network (hyperlink). Highly recommended readings. Join the NVN it's free.  Left mouse click here: Navy Victoria Network

The NVN link contains the: 2023 Dairy of Navy events in Victoria, Flagship events, a Gallery, Information on Reunions, Members List, Vales, Ship Associations, Veteran Welfare Referral Services, News and Newsletters.

Link to the Alliance of Defence Service Organisation (ADSO)

ADSO is the Defence Family's advocate to Government, parliment and the Australian people. Its role is to care for the well-being of the Defence Family and protect their service entitlements.

Broadside (hyperlink). The official newsletter of the Navy Victoria Network. This website contains the current issue and back issues since 2011. Click on 'Broadside'.


Commemoration Services are live streamed by the Shrine of Rememberance. See the hyperlinks available post the event. These hyperlinks are provided by the Victorian Section 

Victorian Sub-sections are encouraged to plan, resource and deliver a commemoration service for the dates identified below. Planning and delivery of Commemoration services will assist in achieving the agreed goal of 'Embedding commemoration across NAA Victoria'.

2023 Diary of Navy Events in Victoria

This diary contains navy ship visits to Melbourne, events of interest that HMAS Cerberus is involved in and also events / services at the Shrine in Melbourne.

The Diary is continually being updated with additions and amendments

Date Time Event Location P.O.C.
see below
Attendance Information
10 Feb 1100 HMAS Voyager Service Shrine - Sanctuary 7 Vic President
12 Feb 1100 POW Memorial Service POW Memorial, Ballarat 7 Lord Borthwick
12 Feb 1200 National Servicemen's Association Service Shrine - Western Precinct 5 Nil Representation
15 Feb 1000 ex-Prisoners of War & Relatives Assoc. Service Shrine - Sanctuary 5 No Representation
20 Feb 1000 Darwin Defenders Commemoration Shrine - 2nd World War Forecourt 5 No Representation
23 Feb -
01 Mar
All Week Navy Week   7 Events & locations TBA
27 Feb 1900 NHSA(Vic) Meeting Waverley RSL    
01 Mar 0900 Father of the Navy Service Brighton Cemetery 7 TBA
01 Mar 1100 HMAS Perth & USS Houston Service Shrine - Sanctuary 7 LCDR Michael Marley RAN, (Rtd)
01 Mar 1200 Creswell Oration Waverley RSL 7 3 Members
27 Mar 1900 NHSA(Vic) Meeting Waverley RSL    
09 Apr 1030 HMAS Vampire Service - Cancelled Shrine - Sanctuary 7  
16 Apr 1200 George Cross Award Day - Maltese Association Shrine - Forecourt 5 Vic President 
24 April 1900 NHSA(Vic) Meeting Waverley RSL    
25 Apr 0600 Anzac Day Dawn Service Shrine - Forecourt RSL Vic President
25 Apr 0830 Anzac Day March Swanston St, CDB RSL Vic President
05 May 1230 HMAS Castlemaine Service Shrine - Sanctuary 7 Vic President
07 May 1200 Battle of the Coral Sea Service Shrine - Cenotaph 5 Vic President
20 May 1130 Battle of Crete & Greek Service Shrine - Cenotaph 5 Vic President
22 May 1900 NHSA(Vic) Meeting Waverley RSL    
31 May 1100 Victorian Aboriginal Remembrance Service Shrine - Cenotaph 5 Vic President
18 Jun 1100 N Class Destroyers Service Shrine - Sanctuary 7 Vic President
26 Jun 1900 NHSA(Vic) Meeting Waverley RSL    
30 Jun 1400 HMAS Waterhen Service Shrine - Sanctuary 7 Vic President
02 Jul 1000 Reserve Forces Day Shrine - Cenotaph 5 Vic President
06 Jul 1200 FESR Service Shrine - Sanctuary 5 Vic President
24 Jul 1900 NHSA(Vic) Meeting Waverley RSL    
09 Aug 1100 HMAS Canberra Service Shrine - Sanctuary 7 Vic President
18 Aug 1100 Vietnam Veterans Day Shrine - Cenotaph 5 Vic President
20 Aug 1100 Op PEDESTAL Service Shrine - Cenotaph 5 Vic President
28 Aug 1900 NHSA(Vic) Meeting Waverley RSL    
03 Sep 1400 Merchant Navy Day Shrine - Sanctuary 7 Vic President
11 Sep 1100 Battle of Bita Paka Shrine - Sanctuary 7 Vic President
17 Sep 1130 AE1 Service Shrine - Sanctuary 7 Vicv President
25 Sep 1900 NHSA(Vic) Meeting Waverley RSL    
21 Oct 1100 HMAS Lismore Service Shrine Reserve - Tree 7 Vic President
22 Oct 1000 Seafarer's Service Saint Paul's Cathedral 7 Vicv President
23 Oct 1900 NHSA(Vic) Meeting Waverley RSL    
11 Nov 1100 Remembrance Day Ceremony Shrine - Sanctuary 5 Vic President
27 Nov 1800 NHSA(Vic) End of Year Celebration Dinner Waverley RSL    
19 Nov 1200 HMAS Sydney Service Shrine - Sanctuary 7 Vicv President
26 Nov 1100 HMAS Goorangi Service Queenscliff 7 Russell Pettis
01 Dec 1100 HMAS Armidale Service Shrine - Sanctuary 7 Vic Prresident
05 Dec 1200 Pearl Harbour Remembrance Service Shrine - Sanctuary 5 Vic President
11 Dec 1100 Armed Merchant Cruisers / Landing Ship Infantry Service Shrine - Sanctuary 7 Vic President

(5) Members of the public are welcome to attend all of the Naval Commemorative Services held at the Shrine of Remembrance. For information, contact the Shrine: 03 9661 8100

(7) For additional information go to the Shrine website  or contact Terry Makings - 0411 135 163.

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