Contact Details

VIC Section President  Graham Thomas Mobile: 0431 709 105
Vice President  Graham Savage Mobile: 0407 301 418
Vice President  Lee Andrews Mobile: 0458 094 438
Vice President  Ron Evans Mobile: 0421 361 941
Secretary  Sandra Farlie Mobile: 0419 381 988
Treasurer  John Eriksson Mobile: 0432 288 785
Committee & DVA Vic Forum Representative Dale Borthwick Mobile: 0417 771 465 
Committee Barry Davis Mobile: 0411 408 152

Contact Details

Secretary Phone Mobile: 0419 381 988

Section Secretary Email:

Section Postal Address: 7 Clarence Place, CRANBORNE EAST. VIC. 3977

Victorian Section Life Members: 

Dandenong   R. J. Kennedy; G. McLeod.
Footscray   R. W. Pettis
Frankston   E. Rigg; J.V. Eriksson; R.N. Surridge; S.J. Goldsmith; G. Savage.
Geelong   P. Faulkhead; L.N. Williams
South East   F. Kofoed; G. Don.
Box Hill   R. Gill
Melbourne   R.A. Rowe

Victorian Section Mission Statement (Under development)

Navy Victoria Network (hyperlink). The NVN link contains the: 2022 Dairy of Navy events in Victoria, Flagship events, a Gallery, Information on Reunions, Members List, Vales, Ship Associations, Veteran Welfare Referral Services, News and Newsletters.

2022/2023 Executive, Council and Annual General Meeting Dates, Times and Venue:

Venue for all meetings post 19 March 2022 is Frankston Naval Memorial Club, 36 Barretts Road, Langwarrin South. Vic. 3911

Executive meetings, from 07 May 2022 commence at 1000. Council Meetings commence at 1100.

7 May 2022:  Section Executive and Section Council Meeting.

16 July 2022: Section Executive and Section Council Meeting. 

17 September 2022:  Section Executive and Section Council Meeting.

19 November 2022:  Section Executive and Section Council Meeting.

18 February 2023:  Section Executive Meeting commencing at 1100. 

18 March 2023:  Section Council Meeting commencing at 1000. Section Council Annual General Meeting commencing at 1230. 

Broadside (hyperlink)
The official newsletter of the Navy Victoria Network. This website contains the current issue and back issues since 2011. Click on 'Broadside'.

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Telephone: Sandra Farlie, 0419 381 988

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