Welcome to Naval Association of Australia

The Naval Association of Australia (NAA) was established in 1920.   The NAA is the only national organisation with the sole purpose of looking after the interests of serving Navy and ex-Navy men and women.   Membership of the NAA gives Voice to the Navy within the wider community. We believe that 

Once Navy, Always Navy


Riding on the back of past success is one thing, but to ensure we provide an active and rich future requires new determined members.   Join us to maintain the legacy of past service and sacrifice.   The NAA pursue four pillars that underpin our mission:

Care(welfare), diverse and crucial support of Navy and ex-Navy men and women.

Commemoration, maintaining the legacy of past service and sacrifice.

Navy Cadets, assisting youths to become better citizens through support to the ANC. 

Camaraderie, meet and socialise with like-minded Navy and ex-Navy men and women.

Our aim is to be a dynamic and contemporary organisation supporting the navy fraternity in a wide range of different ways.  Mateship is at the core of our ethos.

Every member is important to the NAA, the benefit to an individual may not be obvious, however, you will give Voice to Navy in the wider community.   The four pillars underpinning our values point to the significance of membership.  Compensation, rehabilitation and wellbeing benefits provided to Navy and ex-Navy men and women today is the result of decades of dedicated work by NAA members.

Now is the time to join the team.   By selecting Join the Naval Association, you will be transferred to the Registration page.    We look forward to welcoming you at a Sub-section near you.

NAA is responsible for the HMAS Sydney II Virtual Memorial Website.

If you would like further info please email general.enquiry@navalassoc.org.au


Webmaster can be contacted at webmaster@navalassoc.org.au