Far Left: Jan Priest, Lee Priest, Michael Clifford, Julienne Clifford


South Western - V72

Next Meeting

As promulgated below.
Brew 1030. Meetings commence at 1100. BBQ luncheon on completion.
On rotation between: Portland RSL Sub Branch. Port Fairy RSL Sub Branch. Hamilton Masonic Lodge, and Mortlake RSL Sub Branchdqwdvq


Lee Priest
Mobile Phone: 0408 340 403
Email:  janleepriest@bigpond.com


Mrs Julienne Clifford
Mobile Phone:  0458 005 020
Email:  julienne.clifford@hotmail.com
Postal Address:  6 Sackville Street, Port Fairy. Vic. 3284


Jan Priest
Mobile Phone  
Email:  janleepriest@bigpond.com
Postal Address:  6 Sackville Street, Port Fairy. Vic. 3284

Council Delegate: Michael Clifford

General Meeting Dates and Locations

January 16th Portland See Note 4.
February 20th Port Fairy AGM followed by general meeting. See Note 4.
March 20th Mortlake RSL Sub Branch
April 10th Portland See Notes 1 and 4.
May 15th Port Fairy See Note 4.
June 19th Mortlake RSL Sub Branch
July 17th Portland Winter Casserole luncheon
August 20th Port Fairy Annual Dinner. See Note 4.
August 21st Port Fairy Annual Dinner weekend meeting. See Note 4.
September 18th Hamilton Hamilton RSL. See Note 3.
October 9th Portland See Note 4. - Note: Meeting Date Changed
November 20th Port Fairy See Note 4.
December 18th Hamilton Masonic Hall (TBC). See Note 3.
1. Meetings are held on the 3rd Sunday of the month unless stated otherwise. 
This year the April meeting will be earlier due to the Easter & Anzac Day weekends.
2. Meetings commence at 1100 hrs, followed by a BBQ unless stated otherwise
3. Due to the ongoing Covid pandemic restrictions, the normal Hamilton venue is currently unavailable.  John Lowcock will advise availability in Hamilton. 
4. The Portland & Port Fairy meetings are held in their local RSL Sub Branches.