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Mr H. “Darby” Ashton
Address PO Box 137 SANDGATE QLD 4017
E-mail president@navalassociationsandgate.org.au
Phone 07 3204 6037
Mobile 0437 012 169


Mr Kevin Wilson
Address PO Box 137 SANDGATE QLD 4017
E-mail secretary@navalassociationsandgate.org.au
Mobile 0478 729 243


CDR Darryl L. Neild OAM (Retd.)
Address PO Box 137 SANDGATE QLD 4017
E-mail treasurer@navalassociationsandgate.org.au
Phone 07 3880 4220
Mobile 0418 358 689


17 MARCH 2020

IN line with advice received from the Naval Association of Australia national and Queensland State Sections, Sandgate Sub-Section today announced the cancellation of its 12 April monthly meeting of members and withdrawal from two scheduled fundraising sausage sizzles at local Bunnings Superstores.

Sub-Section President, Darby Ashton, released a statement suspending member activities for the immediate future as the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic emergency gathers apace.

The decision was brought forward to reduce the potential for Sub-Section members, some of whom are elderly veterans, to be exposed to the virus.

Further announcements will be shared via the Sub-Section's various social media outlets.

Action stations!

[ camaraderie –  noun – mutual trust and friendship among people who spend a lot of time together. ‘the enforced camaraderie of office life’ synonyms: friendship, comradeship,fellowship, good fellowship, companionship, brotherliness, brotherhood, sisterhood, closeness, affinity, togetherness, solidarity, mutual support. ]

THE Naval Association of Australia (the “NAA”) has challenged every Sub-Section to bolster the NAA’s Four Pillars of “Camaraderie”, “Navy Cadets”, “Commemoration” and “Care” , and Sandgate prides itself on making headway on all four fronts.

In July 2017 the Sub-Section took the view that, in order to engage more successfully with the outside world and to showcase how our members were making a positive contribution to the community, additional channels of outreach – “online” – were worth actively exploiting.

Many of our Sub-Section’s members are veterans now edging into their seventies and eighties. And like every other Sub-Section across Australia, we strive to remain a beacon of fellowship for, and on behalf of, these men and women.

We are confident that younger, community-focused veterans will join us whilesoever we keep turning up for each other, and remain relevant to the community we serve – while enjoying the journey as well!

As we wait with arms open wide, the task (and obligation) of fostering future potential members of the RAN continues apace. Sandgate is extremely proud of the direct financial and moral support we tip into the Australian Naval Cadets unit, Training Ship Paluma, with whom we share state-of-the-art meeting room facilities at Shorncliffe’s TS Paluma.

Along with so many community-based/volunteer-run/not-for-profit organisations across the world, we negotiate a very busy and competitive “marketplace” of ideas, interests, lifestyles and time-pressures.

But Sandgate will keep its (virtual) harbour light shining by way of the social media/online resources listed below.

Perhaps your own NAA unit will be inspired to do likewise?

Our strategy is to showcase what NAA membership can achieve locally, and ultimately nationally. Being online provides us with a podium for getting that message out – going right where we know today's generation of sailors are.


Dozens of Facebook “group pages” – focused solely on sharing camraderie among those who may have served on specific ships, or a class of warship – are out there waiting for you to explore. Once you have a story you want to share, the men and women who populate these virtual meeting places will do the rest.

If you think your Sub-Section has a “voice”, why not set up a Facebook profile and let the world know you are ready to join the conversation? It’s all free and no matter how hard you try to convince yourself that you are too cack-handed to master “a computer”: what do you imagine that smartphone in your hip pocket is?

Yep! Like your grandchildren will remind you: If you can make and answer a telephone call on a mobile phone, you can just as easily click on a Facebook icon and see what’s new in your Sub-Section.

So when you do, let our Sub-Section know you’ve joined the 21st Century...we will give you a shout out and “like” what you’ve got to share!

Hard to imagine anything useful can be found on the Internet? Take a moment and look up, for example, the White Ensign Online (https://www.facebook.com/groups/141215109568959/) Facebook “closed group”. At last count (16 January 2020), some 918 members had found the potpourri of news, nostalgia, photos of current and former Royal Australian Navy ships and their crews, reunions, and a whole lot more on this feed. Statistically speaking, since 5 September 2018 (when the text you're reading was originally penned), White Ensign Online's following has grown by some 27 percent, or an average of 15 new members a week, from a starting point of 670 members. So this tiny corner of the Internet has become, for us all, an irrepressible expression of connectedness!

So there you go. “Bravo Zulu!” for browsing past our little corner of the NAA national website, and we sincerely hope you’ll return again soon.

Let's know you're out there, won’t you?