National Consultation Framework (NCF)

At present, NCF forums are focussed on consulting with the ex-serving community in relation to policy, program matters and the operations of the Department. Each forum has a specific focus and aims to address issues of importance to the ex-serving community within this focus. The role of each forum is shown below:

Ex-Service Organisation Round Table (ESORT):
aims to address issues of strategic importance to the ex-service and Defence communities and assist in setting directions for the medium to long term.

Younger Veterans — Contemporary Needs Forum (YVF):
assists in identifying priority emerging issues for veterans across the age and conflict spectrum particularly in the areas of mental and social health, and assists in identifying emerging issues for veterans' families and support networks.

National Aged and Community Care Forum (NACCF):
considers issues regarding aged and community care and mental and social health.

Operational Working Party (OWP):
aims to identify and provide recommendations for improvements in operational policy to promote quality and accountability in service delivery.

Council for Women and Families United by Defence Service:
provides informed advice to Government, drive coherent policy outcomes and advocate on behalf of women and families united by Defence service. The aim of the Council is to provide timely and comprehensive recommendations to Government.