How to become a member

The first steps in joining the Naval Association of Australia (NAA) is to select a Sub-section and contact the Secretary of that Sub-section to apply for membership.

Every State has a Section Office and local Sub-sections at various localtions around the Australia.  The Sub-section you choose is really dependant on your location and if you can physically attend the Sub-section meetings or not.  In the event that you can't physically attend a meeting, but would like to become a member of the NAA, most Sections offer a Virtual Sub-section or an onLine Sub-section.

If your not sure about anything just contact the Secretary or any of the contacts listed in the "Sections and Sub-section" pages of the closest Sub-section to you and they will answer your questions to the best of their ability.  

<click>             State Link        Contact          Email Address / Mobile

Queensland   Marg Dean
0422 485 683

New South Wales   Keith GRIMLEY
0428 858 231 

Australian Capital Territory   Alan Masters
0438 815 634

Victoria   Graham Thomas
0431 709 105

Tasmania   Robyn Spalding
Mob:   0417 455 681

South Australia   Helga Jongewaard
0478 886 289

Western Australia   Ian Holthouse
0477 160 097

Once you have found your Sub-section just click on the Secretary's email link to contact the Sub-section.  If you would like to ensure you enquiry is answered you can send a copy to the  Section Secretary as well.  If you don't have access to email you are most welcome to contact the Secretary by phone.

To locate your closest Sub-section,
Click on the Magnifying Glass and
follow the instructions on the webpage.

All Section / Sub-section details are available here

There are a number of membership options availabe and these can be discussed with the Section / Sub-section Secretary or for full details just click on the membership type below

Full Member

Associate Member

Club Member

Partner Member

Honorary Member

Social Member