VALE - 2024

Our Members who have taken that final voyage across the bar
Rest easy shipmates, your watches are done.
Fair winds and calm seas


Name Section / Sub Section
January 2024
 Kennedy, Ronald Jeffries Dandenong
     Lansdown, Anthony Robert Capricornia
December 2023
     Franklin, Arnold Fredrick William Melbourne
     Bond, Murray Melbourne
     Garwood, Alan Donald Melbourne
     Bird, George Evan Melbourne
November 2023
 Flanagan, Barry William Devonport / Ulverstone
     Lansdown, Anthony Robert Capricornia
October 2023
 Da Silva, Jose Bundamba
     Cockroft, Eric Roy Bayside
September 2023
     South, James Leslie Sydney/Country
 Fowles, Michael George Sydney/Country
 Steele, Kenneth Alan NSW Section
 Dobbs, Raymond George NSW Section
     Burdett, Roystow John Sydney/Country
 Maher, Donald Cambelltown District
 Montgomery, Robert Hugh Nepean Blue Mountains
 Barnes, John Kenneth Sydney/Country
     Norris, George Charles Nirimba(NSW)
 Jones, Roger William NSW Section
 Lines, Eric Freeman Sydney/Country
     Seath, James Durie Sydney/Country
     Moller, John Munro JS Dixon
     Rigg, Eric Turner JFrankston
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