Our Members who have taken that final voyage across the bar
Rest easy shipmates, your watches are done.
Fair winds and calm seas

Name Section / Sub Section
July 2022  
Gardner, Michael Norman Alexander Orange
June 2022  
Martin, Ross Patrick George Town
Privilege, Ronald Joseph C Perth North
Bushe-Jones, Theophiles Frank Perth (City Of)
May 2022  
Curtis, Anne Catherline Navy Women (Wrans-Ran) Qld
Howell, Raymond Birch Rockingham (City Of)
Hoppe, Lenard Vivian Bayside
Creasy-Chapman, Paul Rockingham (City Of)
O'Flynn, Colin Francis Nepean Blue Mountains
April 2022  
Mc Donough, James Henry Gold Coast
March 2022  
Henderson, John Andrew (LM) Ipswich - West Moreton
Bird, Bruce Melbourne
Brown, William Alexander Sydney/Country
February 2022  
Cooper, Derek Edward Mount Gambier
Harvey, Stewart Central Coast
Hope, Ernest George Nirimba (NSW)
Maxwell, Bruce Neville Capricornia
Paizis, James Box Hill & District
Reece, Rex Harry Launceston South
January 2022  
Barrett, Ernest Gairn Port Adelaide
Savage, Ronald E Port Adelaide
Helion, Terrance Paul Fraser Coas
Beckinsdale, Margret Anne Fraser Coast
Corby, Hazel Elizabeth Fraser Coast
Mattiske, David Gold Coast
December 2021  
Groves, Howard John Sydney/Country
Grimley, Bruce Noel Sutherland
Cartwright, Kenneth Henry ACT
November 2021  
Donlan, Thomas Howard Beachvale
Gibson, Leslie Ronald Nirimba
Lock, Norman Beachvale
Smith, Damian James Bayside
Wilson, Kevin Douglas Thomas Sandgate
October 2021  
Chidgey, Carolina Bayside
Eckford, Philip Edward (LM) Ballina
Lenton, Keith Melbourne
Waters, Douglas Stanley Central Coast


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