Our Members who have taken that final voyage across the bar
Rest easy shipmates, your watches are done.
Fair winds and calm seas


Name Section / Sub Section
July 2023
      Churshes, Neil Maxwell Bridie Island
June 2023
      Birt, David Nigel Orange
      Stedman, Arthur Henry Orange
May 2023
      Norton, Raymund Thomas Capricornia
 Rowe, Ronald A Melbourne
 Guy, Colin MacKenzie Sandgate
     Kimble, Harry Naval Reserve Association
     Le'Raye, Ian Elizabeth / Salisbury
April 2023
 Watts, William Stroud Mt. Gambier
     Gray, Ivan George Naval Health Servics
     Harris, Robert Graeme Orange
     Mc Donnell, Robert Vincent ACT
March 2023
     Ray,Robert George ACT
     Bryant, Edward ACT
Manley, Gladys Rose Tuggerah Lakes
Rooke, Allan William Central Coast
February 2023
      Mc Miles, Carol Jae Adelaide
      Sloper, Bruce Robert Capricornia
January 2023
      Johnston, Bertram Howard Worsley Perth (City Of)
White, Christopher Paul Pine Rivers
      Craig, Peter Chalmers Redcliffe
      Wilkinson, Charles Robert Nepean Blue Mountains
      Williams, James Edward Capricornia

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