Our Members who have taken that final voyage across the bar
Rest easy shipmates, your watches are done. Fair winds and calm seas

  Name  Section / Sub Section
September 2020  
Stewart, Theo Clare Navy Women (WRANS-RAN) Qld
August 2020  
Thomas, Kenneth Ross Redcliffe / Frankstone(LM)
Peters, Austin Bryan Sydney/Country
Weatherall, Dennis John Naval Reserve Association
July 2020  
Courtier, Sidney Brian Ernest ACT Section
Sinfield, Ernest Clyde Gerringong
Parkes, Gregory Frank Newcastle
June 2020  
Bailey, James Alexander South West
Quinn, William Robert Sandgate
Nolan, Vincent John  Sandgate
Dicker, Colin Harold Sandgate
May 2020  
Sherval, John Sydney/Country
Rudken, William James Sydney/Country
Rudken, William James Sydney/Country
Reynolds,James West Perth North
April 2020  
Rogers, Ronald Claude Perth North
Wright, Michael Thomas Ballina
Mc Cleary, Douglas Keith Melbourne
Winchester, James William Bribie Island
Krist, Willem Devonport/Ulverstone
Williams, Brenda Navy Women (WRANS-RAN) Qld
March 2020  
Maiden, Agnes Lenore Navy Women (WRANS-RAN) Qld
Guttrey, John Dandenong
Birtles, Lorna Dorothy Navy Women (WRANS-RAN) Qld (LM)
Barr, Robert John Sunshine Coast
Hope, Lawrence Naval Reserve Association