The Naval Association of Australia (NAA) provides a high quality quarterly journal to its members in both printed and e-version forms. The typical content of each edition will focus on topical and important issues, including:

  • Today’s Navy, providing information and a window into the present Royal Australian Navy (RAN), its people, its equipment and most importantly its fighting doctrine for the protection of Australia in the 21st century.
  • Current issues related to the Ex Service Community (ESO) and their particular relevance to the relationship with the naval family. The journal provides an information source and repository of data relevant to ESO matters. This is particularly important in its linkage to Veteran Affairs.
  • Topical news and information for and about Sub sections across the breadth of the Naval Association, including events, commemorations and reunions. Communications from members related to their experiences of naval life and their interactions at Sub section level.
  • Defence Industry News and matters of Financial importance and interest to the members is also published in the magazine.


The Editorial Committee is keen to receive input from the members and endeavours to include as many stories and articles as possible. It is important that any stories submitted are accompanied by photos. Articles should be sent to whiteensignmagazine@hotmail.com.

Advertising and Advertisers

The NAA manages the publication of the journal through the White Ensign Management Committee (WEMC). The WEMC is a sub committee of the National Council and administers the publishing, advertising and financial policy of the journal on behalf of the National Council. Routine management is exercised through the Editor.

The White Ensign magazine is distributed throughout Australia and internationally through the NAA Facebook page.

Advertising Features

Advertisements appear throughout the magazine and may be of quarter, half or full page size. The material requirements/advertising copy and specifications for the magazine are:

  • Page Size: 24 – 28 full A4 sized pages, based on content and advertising material incorporated into a particular edition.
  • Page Quality – Full Colour high resolution 300 dpi colour separations, in negative form, right reading, emulsion down plus colour proof.
  • Schedule – Advertising copy may be accepted up until 7 days prior to publication, by arrangement with the editor. The determinations (Portrait/ Landscape) and size/dimensions¬† of advertisements must be advised at least 7 days prior to the scheduled dispatch of the final version of the magazine for printing. Camera ready artwork must be submitted at least 2 clear days before the scheduled dispatch of the final version to the printers.

Advertising Rates

The Advertising rates for the White Ensign Magazine will be provided to potential clients upon application to the editor via the following mechanisms: