Military Compensation & Welfare Support Service


National Vice President James McDermott, JP

Welcome to the Naval Association of Australia’s Military Compensation & Welfare Support Services pages.

One of the Association’s primary objectives is to provide all possible assistance to serving and former Naval personnel and their dependents. We are here to help.  

Our Military Compensation & Welfare Support Service aims to assist our members, serving and former members of the RAN and the ADF generally and their dependents to access appropriate support.


We aim to achieve this by assisting people to:-

  • access welfare services and income support payments necessary to maintain a dignified and meaningful quality of life;
  • obtain compensation in cases of service-caused injury, disease or death, and
  • access necessary vocational rehabilitation and medical rehabilitation / treatment.

The implementation Strategy:

  • establishing a national network of advocates, Military Compensation officers and Welfare Officers;
  • ensuring that our advocates, Military Compensation and Welfare Officers:
  • are appropriately qualified through regular attendance at approved training / development programs;
  • are kept abreast of changes in legislation and entitlements;
  • are accredited in writing to act on behalf of the Association; and
  • offer their services free of charge
  • providing referral to government agencies, other Ex-Service organisations and community-based organisations where necessary or appropriate;
  • visiting members at home, in hospital or nursing homes (where service is available)
  • working with Federal and State governments, government agencies, other Ex-Service organisations and community organisations to ensure that compensation, pension and welfare arrangements are appropriate in recognising the special circumstances of Defence Service and the value of that Service to the Nation.

Welfare Services:

The welfare and well-being of our members and their dependants is central to the Association’s objectives.

Our Service aims to assist people to:

  • Establish and maintain the best quality of life appropriate to their circumstances
  • Allow people to maintain their dignity and independence

Our trained Welfare Officers can assist to connect people with the very broad range of services offered by:

  • Federal, State and Local Government
  • Government agencies (including the Department of Veterans’ Affairs)
  • Community Support Groups

whose available Services include:

  • Physical and mental health and well – being
  • Domestic assistance (including maintenance, gardening housework, mobility aids and personal alarms)
  • Age care
  • Residential and respite care and hospital admissions
  • Emergency accommodation
  • Travel and Transport assistance
  • Home Nursing and Allied Health Services
  • Financial assistance (including income support payments and concessions)
  • Domestic violence
  • Advocacy
  • Bereavement, funeral and commemoration
  • Personal planning


Asking for welfare assistance is not an admission of failure – we all need a hand some time in our lives!


National VP – Mr James McDermott :-

 Mental Health, Well-Being:

The potentially devastating psychological effects of Defence Service are now well recognised. If you don’t think you are coping or you know someone you think is not coping, seek help before it is too late for you, your family or loved ones!

Call the Veterans and Veterans Families Counselling Service on 1800 011 046 (24 hours)


Beyond Blue 1300 224 636

Lifeline 131114

ADF – All hours Support Line –  1800 628 036


If you are a former member of the ADF and you suffer from diagnosed PTSD, anxiety, depression, substance abuse disorder or alcohol use disorder, you may be entitled to free treatment through the Department of Veterans’ Affairs even if your condition is NOT Service-caused.

To check your eligibility, contact the Department of Veterans’ Affairs

133 254 (Metropolitan Callers) 1800 555 254 (Regional Callers)

Information for personnel who served in the ACT re insulation/housing:-