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The Naval Association of Australia (NAA) was established in 1920.   The NAA is the premier organisation, separate from Navy looking after the interests of both serving and ex-service members.
Membership of the NAA gives Voice to the Navy within the wider community.
We believe that “Once Navy – Always Navy”.

Four pillars underpin our mission, they are:  Care (welfare), Commemoration, Navy Cadets and Camaraderie.   The NAA is not just a social club, although mateship is at the core of its ethos, our aim is to be a dynamic and contemporary organisation supporting the navy fraternity in a wide range of different ways, including:

   assist, co-operate with and promote interest in the Royal Australian Navy;

   assist and support the Australian Naval Cadet (ANC) movement;

   assist former Naval personnel to obtain employment;

   provide such practical and financial assistance as may be possible to:

  1. former and serving Naval personnel and their immediate families, and
  2. surviving spouses and dependent children of deceased Naval personnel who are in necessitous circumstances, whether death occurred during or subsequent to Naval service;

   provide for the entertainment of visiting Naval personnel;

   encourage the social, intellectual and general well-being plus advancement of its members;

   where appropriate, purchase or lease property for the provision of clubrooms, offices or such other facility as may be considered necessary for the efficient operation of the Association;

   print, publish and circulate such books, magazines and papers as may be considered necessary or desirable to advance the objectives of the Association;

   assist community charitable activities that contribute to the health and welfare of the ex-Service community; and

   encourage members to participate in commemorative activities that recognise the legacy of those who have served in the Navy at sea and ashore in both peace making and peace keeping capacities.

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Within the NAA membership there is a wide range of experience and knowledge covering many aspect of Navy life, both in and after service.   Enquiry at Sub-section (local), Section (State), or National level will result in a helping hand or advice on how to achieve support.   If you do not know who to ask – email

If you are not a member, now is the time to join.   Each member is important and whilst the benefit to you as an individual may not be obvious, you will give Voice to Navy, supporting the four pillars and across all of the different ways we seek to support serving and ex-service men and women.   The compensation, rehabilitation, wellbeing benefit provided to service and ex-service men and women today is the result of decades of dedicated work by NAA members.

By selecting Join the Naval Association, you will be transferred to the Registration page.    We look forward to welcoming you at a Sub-section near you.

If you need the assistance of a Pension/Welfare Officer or Advocate to assist in the preparation of claims for Service Pension, Disability Pensions or War Widows Claims, email

Serving personnel are particularly welcome to come along to any Sub-section meeting or NAA activity.

NAA is responsible for the HMAS Sydney II, Virtual Memorial Website.

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