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 The Naval Association of Australia began its life in 1920 as the Ex-Navalmen’s Association and is the premier organisation outside of Navy looking to the interests of both serving and ex naval members. It embraces all ranks and both men and women.  Its slogan is “Once Navy – Always Navy”
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Its principal objectives are to unite and develop friendship among all former and serving naval personnel eligible for membership, and to promote and assist activities in the wider community to improve health and well being of the community of which former and serving naval personnel are a part.

The Naval Association is not just a social club, although mate-ship is at the core of its ethos, but a dynamic and contemporary organisation supporting the naval family in a wide range of ways including:

    representation to Government on Veterans’ issues

    support for the disadvantaged

    advisory and counselling services

    advocacy support for rehabilitation benefits

    mentoring career advice to younger members

    assisting Australian Navy Cadets

    assisting former and serving naval personnel to obtain civilian employment

   providing for the entertainment of ships personnel during port visits

   practical and financial assistance to members and their immediate families in times of crisis.                                                                                                                                        

   communicating with the entire Naval Community through media such as this website and Australian Warship / White Ensign magazine

Within its membership there is a wide range of experience and knowledge covering every aspect of naval life.  Enquiry at Sub Section, National or State level will always produce a helping hand.   If you do not know where to ask – email the Military Compensation & Welfare Support Service or the Webmaster.   They may be able to help.

Join the Naval Association now and make it even stronger.  See the information and application form by selecting JOIN .  We look forward to welcoming you onboard at a Sub Section near you.  Of course, if you live in a remote locality you can join our electronic eFleet Sub Section.  

We have Pensions Officers and Advocates to assist in the preparation of claims for Service Pension, Disability Pensions and also War Widows Claims.   We can also help with advice regarding Defence Superannuation matters.  Let us help you.  Contact the Military Compensation & Welfare Service here.

Naturally if you are still serving we welcome you to come along and enjoy the camaraderie, maybe listen to some old hands who may have some good advice handy.   They will certainly spin you a dit or two  … or three … or four … and they will certainly enjoy being updated by you.

 Select the cap to JOIN !

JOIN_NAA_WEBSITE_SEP2014  Naval Family having a good time - JOIN NOW !Have you joined in a NAA sponsored Reunion or activity?   Visited the Naval Associations’ Clubrooms / Clubs at Rockingham WA, Port Adelaide SA, Pine Rivers Qld, Frankston VIC, Footscray, VIC or Brisbane Sub Section at Wavell Heights?   Have you visited the Ballina Sub Section museum in Ballina NSW? or Canterbury Bankstown Club Rooms conveniently located in Stanley St, Bankstown ? –   What about calling into Beachvale or – drop into Elizabeth / Salisbury Navy Club – opening times are published on their webpage – the same invitation is extended if you are in Geelong, VIC….rest assured you will find good mates and our facilities are well worth the visit.    A quick phone call to the President or Secretary listed in the sub section pages will put you in touch with shipmates who are looking forward to your company at their next gathering where you might enjoy a quiet cleansing ale, a laugh or three and a sociable time.  All sub sections welcome you to enquire about their social activities.  Come and join in have some fun and spin a dit with some mates.

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